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Polycom Meet The Scientist

August 20, 2014 by mil0013   

Today we are linking up with a program called Meet the scientist. There are four scientist a Geologist, a marinboiogist, a paleontologist, a Mammalogist

The geologist Dr Stuart Mills now is working on a mineral that can clean water. In 2003 they stated digging in a remote location and they have found three mineral in that place alone.

Nell is a marinboiogist she studies the animals in the sea and how the move, there environment and their behavior. the study the blue ring octopus for medicine studies. She is also very good at multitasking. She got her by going to Melbourne and studying art and science. then she went and lived in japan and thought English in schools. She loves her job because of the awesome adventures.

Dr Erik fitzgerald he is a paleontologist, first he started loving fossils when his dearest friend Fred he was a lizard and he died so he said lets burry him in the bottom of the fish pool so it can fossilis but it just made the pool smell so thats when he figured out he wanted to be a paleontologist.

Dr Kevin Rowe, Mammalogist he examines and studies mammals of course, to be a sciensist you need to be able to read and write. He is collaborating mountain in indonesia. Did you know there are native rats in australia.


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